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Award winning director Millie X has been professionally producing music videos since 2011. Millie X has traveled all over the US to film and capture great content for his clients. He's worked with Soulja Boy, Eddie Griffin, Vlad TV, E Network, Cuban Doll, 24 Hrs, John Gabbana aka. Boonk Gang, and that's just to name a few. When it comes to working with Millie X it doesn't just stop with music videos, he's also produced a few reality shows, "Property Management Diaries", "Vegas Divas", "Life and a Lense", "Tattoo Parlors", and he is currently in production producing 2 short films. Millie X is also a published photographer that has worked with a large amount of diverse models from all over the US. Millie X is based in Las Vegas, NV and also has a location in Los Angeles, CA.

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